Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Donna had a rough time during doctors had her attend the surgery almost weekly to make sure everything was ticking along
Having had an older son, she thought this pregnancy would be just as easy, but they say two pregnancies are never the same.

Donna was lacking iron in her blood, no matter how much pills she took it appeared they were not doing any good, this puzzled the doctors and the Hospital she attended.
Sadly weeks before she was due to give birth Donna had a "still born" baby.
Both Donna and her husband mourned their loss for over a Year and instead of going through all the horror of pregnancy in fear of losing their child, they decided they would adopt.

The strict regime of adopting played its toll on the couple, the paperwork, the visits, the searching of their personal life which came under scrutiny never hindered what they knew there was nothing anyone could find that would hinder their progress.
Three years later an opportunity arose for the couple, a baby boy three months old had come up for adoption, the Mother of the child had died with an overdose of illegal substance, the Father was unknown.

The couple were besides themselves, all the wait, all the meetings finally bore fruit, they now had a baby boy which they would love as their own.
They called the baby Gary, had him officially adopted and in his early years Gary grew up to be a sweet, kind, happy boy loving life in the care of his new parents.

Gary started to have problems as early as Nursery age, he would attack other children for no reason, swear at his teachers and run away from his class, it was serious enough to have his parents called, eventually he was asked to leave nursery as his behavior never improved.

Donna recognized her son may have issues, in his teens he began to defy his parents, steal from them, and eventually attack them, he really only ever attacked his Mother as his Father was at work a lot, he did steal from his Father though amounting to thousands of pounds.

Both parents knew they needed help, Gary was taking drugs, drinking to excess, racking up debts, making his parents lives a misery.
It was one night in particular that things got so out of hand his Mother had to call the Police as Gary threatened her with a knife!

He was arrested and sent to prison for one Year, partly rehabilitated he knew he was in the wrong and tried to "mend his ways"
His parents saw a small difference in his attitude although he was still smoking weed which made him lose all sense of proportion at times.

He never realized just how lucky he was to have been loved and brought up with such loving parents, millions of children would have given their right arm to have had the upbringing and opportunities he had.
They say that a small part of you, remembers the kind of life you came from, and in Gary's case this must had been etched in his mind from the day he was born.

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