Monday, 21 November 2011


The only sound that could be heard for miles was the crunching of leaves under the feet of John and Denise, they had broken down in the middle of nowhere, unable to get a signal on their phones, so they were searching nearby  for any  break down Services.
John was still seething, he had let his Break down cover lapse, not because of lack of funds but because he was too lazy to do things and left everything to Denise.

It was pitch black, drizzly, and very cold, Denise was making no bones about the fact it was all John's fault, he got the blame for nearly everything that happened in their lives, even though usually it was beyond his control.
He just shrugged his shoulders and motioned her to move quicker than she was going at the moment.
The stars were out in full, lending itself to the coldness of the night but allowing them at least some light to trample through the murky woods at 11 30 in the evening.

The evening started off had attended a dinner in memory of a friend of Johns who sadly passed away at the tender age of 40 to a brain tumor, John was devastated as Keith was the only friend he could call true, they went fishing together, nights out, Keith was John's best man at his wedding, so all John needed tonight was a breakdown and in the middle of nowhere.
It seemed like an eternity, they both walked for hours, there was nothing in sight, not even a shack were they could rest until morning.

Agitated ,Denise was not exactly dressed for rambling, her feet were killing her, she had the high heeled shoes on which meant she could not walk very fast and nine times out of ten she got caught in some bracken, eventually she took her shoes off which went down a treat with John, she now faced pneumonia as well as damaged feet.
The night grew longer, colder and it appeared they were getting nowhere, there were no lights in the distance, John stopped for a moment to get his bearings and try his mobile phone again, but he had no luck.

It was hopeless, they both stopped,  gathered some wood nearby, made a fire to keep warm, and decided to stay put till morning.

The couple started to asses their relationship, it was happy for many years but was now getting a little stale, John seemed disinterested in Denise, , he never had any affairs, he remained loyal to her but lately he was not happy, Denise had sensed this but just wanted to keep going.
The fire roared, warmth finally hit their battered bodies, they sat separately from each other, not a word was uttered.
As they started to get dry Denise rubbed her feet, she had blisters everywhere but because of Johns low mood she decided to grin and bear it.

The fire lit up the whole area, it did not seem  too bad, the silence was beginning to get to John as he finally piped up and said "how are you" in a mild gentle voice, Denise surprised at his tone, decided not to have a go at him.
Hungry, thirsty, and forlorn they both sat at the fire recollecting the good times of their marriage no one daring to mention the sad recent times when things started to go downhill.
As every couple has the initiative to understand each other at some point, John made the first move turning to Denise to tell her that he was unhappy and had been for some time.

He poured out his heart and never left anything out, even minor things that agitated him came to the forefront, Denise was not surprised as deep down she knew how they both felt, but knew even more how John had changed recently, she knew Keith's death had something to do with it, but never really spoke to John and let him know how much she was there for him in his tough times.
After a long conversation with everything out in the open, Denise asked him what he wanted to do, she agreed within herself that whatever he decided she would go with it as she did not want to remain in a relationship that was empty, she had tears in her eyes as she predicted the worst.

Eventually John admitted that they were flogging a "dead horse" however he did not want to end their marriage, he wanted to try to rekindle it, he made many suggestions, one of them being visiting a Marriage guidance councilor perhaps to get things back On an even keel, Denise accepted this as a positive move, and agreed at once with John's suggestions.
They both eventually fell fast asleep in each others arms as the night drew to a close.

The birds soft melodic tones wakened John, he felt well this day, he kneeled down and kissed his Wife's brow, she was still fast asleep.

Now having the ability to see, he ventured to find a way out of the woods, to his shock he discovered, they had went in a complete circle and ended back at the car, he was now able to get reception for his phone and called the emergency services, they were back home safe and sound within a hour.

Feeling content, they both put into practice what they discussed, through time they both felt well about each other, and continued with married life, this time talking to each other to iron out any issues and get back on track.

The  moral of this story is, work at things and sometimes they do get better.


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