Friday, 7 October 2011


Lying in a heap on the floor, slavers hanging from his mouth, he looked as though he had spent a night outside in the rough instead of attending a 50th birthday party the night before.
Rick was one of those guys who had to be the center of attraction, the laugh a minute, the joker, even though his friends loathed him deep down.
Every party he attended was supposed to be his last, he said many times he was giving up the drink but always fell by the way side, temptation was always too much for him, when confronted he always said he never had an issue with alcohol, he was only fooling himself.
Rick was brought up well, his parents only drank socially and knew when to stop, it was never their true lifestyle as they travelled all over the World, they knew spending money on booze was never the answer, so they always wondered what went wrong with Rick.
His Father always had issues with his alcohol consumption and in the end he grew tired of trying to talk to Rick.
His Mother was passive, she did not like to get into confrontations with her son, she always hoped he would grow out of this self destruction fad, and often turned a blind eye, despite knowing how much it was hurting his dad.
Rick started drinking at the early age of 14 he got a taste for it, no one was to blame, there was never peer pressure, Rick was his own person and did not need anyone to influence him.
Unable to keep a job, through his "habit" he coasted along in his own way.
His friends tried in vain to help him but Rick always laughed his way out of the serious subject, he would never admit he had a problem.
He was expelled from school at the age of 15 the teachers could not reach him, he always seemed hung over and uninterested in his education.
He slowly but surely lost everyone around him, his folks disowned him they were embarrassed by his antics he was asked to leave their home.
Now at the age of 30 Rick was going nowhere, living on handouts from his friends lazing on a couch , living out of a rucksack he had nowhere to call home.
He tried counseling but never admitted to himself he had a problem, eventually he stopped going and seemed to get worse as the weeks progressed, so what was the answer for Rick?
One of his female friends tried in vain many times to get him to see just how he was ruining his life, she talked to him seriously, stayed with him, tried to talk sensibly to him but all in vain, she even tried to bring to his attention medically just how he was killing himself but he was never really concerned about his health.
Then one day Rick was involved in an accident, in a drunken stupor he walked onto the road and was hit by an oncoming car, he ended in Hospital on a life support machine.
His girlfriend sat by his side, the doctors said he was critical, he may go into a coma and not awaken, she sat by his bedside for four weeks, talking to him, reading to him, playing music, in the hope he was going to respond, but still he lay in a coma.
The doctors also indicated his liver was almost "fried" with his addiction to alcohol.
Despite Rick being hospitalized his parents never visited, the only visitor he had was his girlfriend who stuck by him from the very start.
Rick had been in a coma for four weeks, the Doctors indicated he may not come out of it, unusually his girlfriend never gave up, she started to notice movement in his body, although his eyes never opened, the Doctors said it could have been nerve movement.
On the day the life support machine was to be turned off, Rick opened his eyes, his girlfriend was by his side but was fast asleep, Rick glanced at her and started to cry, he knew he was lucky to be alive, he knew he had a close call, he knew he had to change.
Being in a coma all that time was like going "cold turkey" for Rick, he never even gave the demon drink a thought, he started to recuperate not only from his accident but from the alcohol.
Rick had another chance, and he took it with both hands, through proper counseling he made a recovery, he would never have made it if it was not for his girlfriend who had stood by him throughout his illness and addiction.
Rick stayed "clean" for the rest of his life, he mended his ways with his parents, re educated himself, found a job, ironically as an alcohol councilor and married his girlfriend.
Reflecting on his life, Rick knew he was one of the "lucky ones" knowing full well millions of people going through the same as he did, were not that lucky.

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