Monday, 31 January 2011


With only two hours to go John made it is purpose to finish this book, a book which had captivated him, to the point he could not sleep, he was so gripped, hoping that the end would be the way he wanted it to be.
Grabbing another coffee, he sat back on the large lumpy bed and began to read.
Richard was now at the lowest point in his life, riddled with disease, bitter towards how his life had ended up, twisted with guilt and hatred for the very parents who brought him into this World, he blamed them for everything, he almost wanted them to deny him of everything he gained in an idle attempt to get back some self respect for the sad life he now lead, addicted to drugs he sold everything, all that remained of his parents estate was a large empty house, paintings sold for next to nothing for a quick "fix", furniture dating back to the early 1600's sold at backstreet stores for a quick buck to buy drugs.

Richard saw no way back from his contemptuous life, nightmares took over his sleep, seeing all too clearly the faces of the people he had murdered in an attempt to become something he could never be, he saw those faces over and over again, he woke nightly screaming, the howls echoing in the large empty house, there was no one there to comfort him, he lost everyone and everything he ever owned, people ignored him because they did not want to know him, he was finished,or was he, in a final attempt to gain some self respect Richard tried to clean himself up, he ordered one of his remaining servants to lock him in his room and in no uncertain terms threatened him if he let him out he would kill him, the servant did as he asked, Richard lasted a day before his pleading led the servant to let him out, Richard shot him on the spot and hid the body in one of the large rooms, the very same day he went into Town to his source, he needed a fix, he needed it now, and with the remaining money he scraped together he got his fix only this time he would never waken from his stupor as the source had poisoned his fix leading to Richards final act on Earth.
Richard was found dead in the gutter were he knew eventually he would be found, there was no inquest, he died penniless, without friend or family, he came into the World with nothing and left the very same.
John felt content, then realized how silly he felt as this was only fiction, or was it?
John left the Hotel, jumped into a taxi, headed for work, he never thought about his day away from home again, but he did once or twice think about the book he had read, and how educated he felt, and thanked God he had not went down the same path.

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