Sunday, 26 September 2010


John heard the distant twitter of the early birds making noise signifying another day was born, John knew now he wouldn't sleep, the book had him transfixed, it was the best he had ever read, it gripped him to the point no other book had, its magical vice did as intended, had him "over a barrel" so much so he wanted to continue reading, giving little care to the fact he was working again today.
John felt rough, he opened the last can on red bull which sat in the fridge lonely as if perhaps it was poison and no one wanted it.
The subtle ingredients of this boost he hoped would allow him to finish the last chapter of the book before once again heading into the shower to prepare for another day at work.

At first John was pretty angry because he missed the last train, but thinking back, if he had caught it, he would never have had the pleasure of reading this gripping novel, every emotion possible had culminated from this book, love, hate, compassion, John had felt it all, so he had to finish the last chapter, deep down hoping Richard would get his just desserts, hoping someone soon would make him suffer as he had made so many suffer in his awful life.
John though back to his younger days, when so easily he could have went the same way as Richard, back then leaving University he nearly succumbed to the evils of drugs simply because of peer pressure, but he managed to get away from it, and thankfully with his fine Education was able to make a comfortable life for himself and his family, but so easily it could have been the other way, John was easily influenced back then, and in some weird way he kind of felt sorry for Richard, not because he was a drug addict but because he was so easily manipulated when drugs got a grip of him.
He also felt sick when Richard had tried to heal people but ended up botching the job and murdering his patients, because back in those days Doctors were highly respected and had some clout, so in situations were it was his word against the poor patients, he always got the benefit of the doubt, and having money helped.

The final Chapter beckoned, John was feeling quite excited about the end prospect, he had two hours to read, shower and then go back to work, he was confident he would be able to finish in time.

Part 12 soon

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