Tuesday, 7 September 2010


By now Richard was in his early thirties, so haggard was his look, it was as if he was pushing fifty, his face had more lines on it than a railyway track and the bags under his eyes were huge, he knew he was not looking good, his fair looks when he was younger had faded away, he smashed the mirror to pieces so not to remind him of what he had become.
Money was becoming more difficult to get a hold of, all his inheritance was now wasted on booze,drugs and girls.
After his botched operations serving as a quack he could never go onto the medical profession again, all he could do was practice back door abortions on poor unfortunate girls who had no choice but to abort, either through poverty or family shame, Richard was never sober performing the operations, many of the girls had died through loss of blood, then were buried in the grounds so no one would pin their deaths on him.

The money he gained from the operations was not adequate to keep him on his habit, so he started to sell many of his parents treasured items, mainly for next to nothing, he knew he could not take them to a dealer as he would arouse suspicion.

There were times Richard was close to being caught but with the skin of his teeth, he always got away, many wondered if he would ever be stopped, whilst others knew his time would come.

Richard had many enemies, some vowed to get him, and even he knew it was only a matter of time before his past would catch up with him.

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