Sunday, 1 August 2010


The front door of the Hotel was so old John felt some of the wood come off in his hand as he reached for the door bell, the curtains on the ground floor were a greyish netting supposed to be white sometime in its hey day John thought.

He wondered was it a good idea to go in or go look for somewhere else, but his feet were killing him and the temptation of a hot shower overcome his need to move on.

John rang the bell twice before he saw a silhouette coming towards the door in an almost slow movement, he kinda got the giggles as he pictured himself going into Castle Dracula just like the old Hammer movies, he was convinced an actor playing an ogre would say in a low tone "you rang"

It seemed an eternity before the person answered the door, John could see why, the guy was handicapped, he was in a wheelchair, weird how shadows can misconstrue the actual size of a figure in the dark John thought.

I am looking for a room John gestured by hand as if the invalid could not understand ordinary English language as if his disability was affecting his speech or understanding of it.

The guy behind the desk said that there was a room available, John gave a sigh of relief, there were no lifts and naturally John was on the top floor,the guy asked John if he had luggage, . John thought he would spare the poor guy his long sob story and gestured no with his head, the guy did the same and pointed with his left hand to the stairwell.


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