Monday, 2 August 2010


Before walking up five flights of stairs somehow John knew this place would have no room Service so he asked if he could get something to eat, the guy at the desk said no but he could get something delivered, John nodded in appreciation, took a deep breath and headed for the stairwell.

By the time he had reached the filth floor he was so out of breath he had to sit down at the entrance hall on a chair, loosen his tie before going to the room.

The Hotel was dark everywhere, the lights were automatic they came on when someone or something entered the hallway, John was surprised at this as the place was primeval.The damp musty smell was making John gag he couldn't wait to get to his room, he covered his mouth with his handkerchief before trying to open the room door.

The room smelled no better, the windows were tightly shut the air was damp the smell unbearable, John had a can of deodorant in his brief case he decided to spray the room which he agreed would be a better smell than the damp and mothballs his nasal passages were witnessing.

John tossed his briefcase on the bed like a sack of potatoes, he was still fuming quietly to himself missing  the last train and missing his wife and kids.


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