Sunday, 8 August 2010


Unable to decipher what the title was he was still anxious to read its contents, he never even knew who wrote it, the name was scribbled out with thick black pen.
He thought to himself novels usually start with an introduction but in the case of this book it went right into the story.
John thought it was a tad boring at first, it was telling a story of a guy who had lived in America in the 1800's he belonged to an affluent family, John surmised he was about to read a love story and if there was one format of book he loathed it was love stories, his wife read a lot of them to the point she actually believed some of the stories to be fact rather than fiction.
As he read on John discovered at the early stages that the book was not going in the normal I love you she loves me fashion, he began to take interest in the book as it descriptively went on to  tell how the man had grown up and what his discoveries in life led him to in later years.

The mans name was Richard, he was born to Calvin and Isobella Bethinghurst when they were in their mid forties, his mom could not have had children earlier in her life, as time after time she lost all the children she conceived due to a rare medical illness, it was a miracle when Richard was born as they had given up hope.

John reached over to his small bedside cabinet to take a sip of his coffee before he read on.

As the only child Richard Bethinghurst was spoiled, everything he wanted he got, despite numerous people telling the Bethinghursts they were wrong, they continued to give Richard everything he wanted.

Calvin Bethinghurst was a successful entrepreneur, he got lucky with several small businesses over the years and gambling had paid off he now had eleven successful businesses and could have retired in his mid forties, however greed gave him ambition to continue making money.


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