Thursday, 19 August 2010


It was now 4am, John was so tired he fell asleep numerous times during the chapters, he swore he re read about three chapters twice but he was not giving in, the room was blurred, all he could see was writing, on the walls on the bed, everywhere was lines and lines of writing, the more tired he got, the smaller the print got.
Richard was by now a mega millionaire, his investments grew higher than a mountain, everything he put his hand to created even more money, he soon became very bored.
Richards habit was women and substances, from an early age he dabbled with his friends in University, the habit became an addiction, Richard knew he could always feed his addiction providing his money and contacts never gave out.

Richard had to visit seedy side streets to get his "fix" although he could have had it hand delivered he never wanted his mom or dad knowing what he was up to, yes Richard was crafty.
One night he ran out of his joy powder, he had to go out late to get more, taking the first horse from the stable he rode into Town desperate,shaking he had to get there.

The Town was dead, except for the few losers who had nowhere else to go, "the insufferable 's" Richard called them, the "no hopers", nevertheless they were dangerous often muggings were rife in Town and so far no one had escaped with their life, Richard was too far gone to worry about this now, he had his mind  on only one thing and he would get it at any cost.


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