Friday, 13 August 2010


Richard knew he was always living on the edge, three operations failed , three people he could have saved but never,wasted their lives on a quack, did Richard care? no, he only thought about his reputation and off course money.
Richard's parents died, they were killed by a botched robbery on the highway, Richard didn't even attend the funeral, all he was interested in was what he had coming to him in a legacy, he got everything the businesses and the house to which he had grown up.

He retired from his practice as he never needed to pretend now he was rich, affluent and still hated by many he had trampled on in his determination to have everything.

It was very late, John was so tired he had to sleep, but he couldn't, he was transfixed to this novel, like a drug he had taken, it was not letting him go, it was pulling him in page by page, he was so tired he read the same chapter twice on more than one occasion.

Deep down he wanted Richard to get his, so to speak, he wanted Richard to suffer like so many who had suffered by his hand, John became quite agitated at the prospect of Richard and his life, to the point he became awake again ,continuing he decided to read one more chapter, he needed to know, it was his priority over sleep, he did not care now, he just wanted Richard have something bad happen to him.


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