Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Despite their son being spoiled they still ploughed thousands of dollars on him, getting him a decent education was the forefront of their priorities.
Richard sat back and reaped the benefits, it was told he even cheated on his exams to get top marks to keep his parents sweet, Richard knew how to get out of many a situation and was called to a few in his youth.
Having left University his chosen practice was a physician, he had bluffed his way through many hairy situations and always came up tops.
He operated on a young lady who had kidney problems and if it were not for the assisting surgeon the girl would have died, Richard had to buy his silence on more than one occasion.

John tried to put the book down as his eyes were running from tiredness, he got out of bed got a drink of water then returned, the sudden rush out of bed must have made him awake again so he picked up the book to continue on a few chapters until he could read no more or hopefully fell asleep before hand.

Reading on John was not liking Richard one bit, it kinda gripped him because he worked hard for what he had and this young punk used money to get ahead in life, although it was over a hundred years ago it still made John cringe at Richards cunning.

To Richards mom and dad he was a saint but to other friends of the family they saw what Richard was doing to his folks and to the many people he trod on, yes Richard was  a sadistic bigot hell bent on making sure he was ok and to hell with anyone else, if they got in his way he would trample on them.

The day finally came, Richard had opened his own surgery in an affluent part of Town, his patients were able to pay, no poor people for him he thought as his passion was money.

Richard built up a huge patient list bluffing his way through most ailments and passing people on to reliable Doctors if need be.

Part 7 tomorrow.

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