Wednesday, 4 August 2010


All John wanted to do was jump in the shower, he was angry, hungry and smelly from his days toil, first thing was to get relaxed he was stuck here for the night and just had to make the most of it.
John dried himself with the towels, typical hotel towels he grumbled, hard as sandpaper, probably that way to stop people stealing them he thought sniggering to himself.

Room service was a no no, he was already told downstairs that the kitchen was shut, so he had to ring out for a pizza they were the only places open after ten pm these days.

The guy who brought the pizza looked as though he had ate ten before delivering one, he was huge not just tall but in girth too, he was puffing and panting like an old dog who had ran a few yards.
John was determined to get the pizza before it was stone cold, he thanked the guy gave him a tip and closed the door.

After eating his delicious pizza he sarcastically thought, he decided to watch some tv, the tv was on meter, wow he thought was nothing free these days? He raked his pockets for change and found
nothing small, oh well guess the tv is off he thought to himself making him more agitated if that was possible.

Lying on the bed semi naked John  lifted an old book that was in the bedside cabinet, he had no idea why it was there, and wondered how the cleaner never took it away, or probably surmised she probably didn't look in the drawers.

The book was as old as the hills, he was scared to open it in case it fell to bits but then did he care if it did?

The title of the book was concealed by a huge coffee stain ,John hoped he would get the title inside when he opened it.


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