Thursday, 26 August 2010


It was now 5am, the birds were tweeting outside Johns window, this rattled him as he was so tired all he could think about was sleep, but he couldn't ,not now, he had drank too much coffee and his nerves were at boiling point, plus he had to find out for sure if Richard was going to get his "just deserts" he longed for that now, it became a kind of a passion ,he wanted Richard to get his, at all costs, deep down in his mind John was shaking his head in shame, after all it was only a book of fiction? John had to pee, for the last four hours he had tried his level best not to think about it, he was too engrossed, he wanted to keep reading and reading.
He washed his face and looked in the mirror, for his years John was looking old, probably the fact of his highly pressurized job, but he admitted to himself he was looking old.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


It was now 4am, John was so tired he fell asleep numerous times during the chapters, he swore he re read about three chapters twice but he was not giving in, the room was blurred, all he could see was writing, on the walls on the bed, everywhere was lines and lines of writing, the more tired he got, the smaller the print got.
Richard was by now a mega millionaire, his investments grew higher than a mountain, everything he put his hand to created even more money, he soon became very bored.
Richards habit was women and substances, from an early age he dabbled with his friends in University, the habit became an addiction, Richard knew he could always feed his addiction providing his money and contacts never gave out.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Richard knew he was always living on the edge, three operations failed , three people he could have saved but never,wasted their lives on a quack, did Richard care? no, he only thought about his reputation and off course money.
Richard's parents died, they were killed by a botched robbery on the highway, Richard didn't even attend the funeral, all he was interested in was what he had coming to him in a legacy, he got everything the businesses and the house to which he had grown up.

He retired from his practice as he never needed to pretend now he was rich, affluent and still hated by many he had trampled on in his determination to have everything.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Despite their son being spoiled they still ploughed thousands of dollars on him, getting him a decent education was the forefront of their priorities.
Richard sat back and reaped the benefits, it was told he even cheated on his exams to get top marks to keep his parents sweet, Richard knew how to get out of many a situation and was called to a few in his youth.
Having left University his chosen practice was a physician, he had bluffed his way through many hairy situations and always came up tops.
He operated on a young lady who had kidney problems and if it were not for the assisting surgeon the girl would have died, Richard had to buy his silence on more than one occasion.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Unable to decipher what the title was he was still anxious to read its contents, he never even knew who wrote it, the name was scribbled out with thick black pen.
He thought to himself novels usually start with an introduction but in the case of this book it went right into the story.
John thought it was a tad boring at first, it was telling a story of a guy who had lived in America in the 1800's he belonged to an affluent family, John surmised he was about to read a love story and if there was one format of book he loathed it was love stories, his wife read a lot of them to the point she actually believed some of the stories to be fact rather than fiction.
As he read on John discovered at the early stages that the book was not going in the normal I love you she loves me fashion, he began to take interest in the book as it descriptively went on to  tell how the man had grown up and what his discoveries in life led him to in later years.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


All John wanted to do was jump in the shower, he was angry, hungry and smelly from his days toil, first thing was to get relaxed he was stuck here for the night and just had to make the most of it.
John dried himself with the towels, typical hotel towels he grumbled, hard as sandpaper, probably that way to stop people stealing them he thought sniggering to himself.

Room service was a no no, he was already told downstairs that the kitchen was shut, so he had to ring out for a pizza they were the only places open after ten pm these days.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Before walking up five flights of stairs somehow John knew this place would have no room Service so he asked if he could get something to eat, the guy at the desk said no but he could get something delivered, John nodded in appreciation, took a deep breath and headed for the stairwell.

By the time he had reached the filth floor he was so out of breath he had to sit down at the entrance hall on a chair, loosen his tie before going to the room.

The Hotel was dark everywhere, the lights were automatic they came on when someone or something entered the hallway, John was surprised at this as the place was primeval.The damp musty smell was making John gag he couldn't wait to get to his room, he covered his mouth with his handkerchief before trying to open the room door.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


The front door of the Hotel was so old John felt some of the wood come off in his hand as he reached for the door bell, the curtains on the ground floor were a greyish netting supposed to be white sometime in its hey day John thought.

He wondered was it a good idea to go in or go look for somewhere else, but his feet were killing him and the temptation of a hot shower overcome his need to move on.

John rang the bell twice before he saw a silhouette coming towards the door in an almost slow movement, he kinda got the giggles as he pictured himself going into Castle Dracula just like the old Hammer movies, he was convinced an actor playing an ogre would say in a low tone "you rang"