Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Steve walked in, as usual one minute before the deadline for being ready to face the customers.The rest of the team wondered why he could never be early for a change, you could check your watch by him, one minute to nine, and he always had a knack of being ready just before the Boss would shake his head in despair, knowing full well he wasn't in the mood for confrontation first thing in the Morning.
Steve was in his late forties, he always said he was just passing through and that this job wasn't for him, that was five years ago and he was still there his team mates often joked with him that he would be there until he retired but Steve always shrugged his shoulders saying "nope" I won't be.

Eleanor had a secret crush on Steve sadly it wasn't reciprocated, Eleanor was a strong forceful woman were Steve was mild mannered and had the could not be bothered attitude, sometimes you could see Eleanor peering over to Steve hoping her glance would be noticed, however Steve just got his head down and started work.

Eleanor had had a few boyfriends in her time, always at least twenty years younger than her, she loved the "younger models" the relationships never lasted as Eleanor always became obsessive, everyone knew that  except Eleanor who just said they were all childish, "all men are childish" she said it almost on a daily basis.

The antics during the day amongst the team were always electric, sexual innuendos floated around like ducks on water, the girls loved it, the youngest of the team Paul, always got embarrassed they said that they thought Paul was still a virgin the girls would taunt him about this from time to time, when it got too much Paul rushed to the Lou to get away from them and by the time he came back the subject was changed.

The Office buzzed as the clients had a reasonable Service, the boss was happy as his bonus was secured for another week, it was the only time they heard from him when his bonus was in danger of being stopped, otherwise he left them alone to do the job they were required to do.
All in all the team were a happy lot and with everyone's foibles made for an interesting day.
Production was always second to none as the team knew when to relax and when to get their head down.

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