Saturday, 31 July 2010


John was raging, two minutes just two minutes and he would have caught the train home, it was bad enough finishing work late but missing the last train was scandalous, he had a few other choice words which he decided to keep to himself.,
John had worked for the Company for 20 years, he started as an apprentice accountant, the money was rubbish, but he knew later in life his hard work would pay off and he was right because now he was earning good money, had a good home and a loving wife and family everything a man could want.

He was fairly contented with his life but it lacked a certain excitement, he yearned for something to happen out with the norm, something to take him by surprise as so far his life had been mapped out for him, since he was born, his Father said he would be a success, put through University and doing well, living up to his family expectations.

John sat fuming on the railway bench, the trains were all back in the station for the night, the workers hurried at great speed to get home, leaving only the Night Security guards to look after the Station, John was the only passenger remaining and was quickly ushered out of the station so the Security guard could lock up and get his head down for the night, his work would be complete, no one ever tried to break into a railway station at least not in his 30 years service.

The remaining lights were switched off then the Security guard locked himself into his little cabin oblivious to anything happening out with his territory.

John called home, his wife was waiting, she knew he was working late but never imagined he would be stranded in Town, of all the years he worked he always made it home she giggled on the phone but John was not in a happy frame of mind and shot down her throat as if she personally made the train leave two minutes early.

Where would he walked down the pitch dark road leading into the Center of Town, the place was deserted like he had stepped back in time before buildings were erected and people live  there.
The farther he walked the more lost he was, he reached into his pocket to grab his mobile phone to get some bearings and to find a Hotel or Guest House to spend the night, he certainly was not going to sleep rough, never he thought to himself not now, not ever.

True to form the mobile was dead, he spent all his power speaking to his wife and never noticed the battery warning light coming on, it died, he could not even switch it on, typical he thought, "bloody technology, useless in an emergency situation" this made him even more grumpy as he hobbled down the darkened street in Town.

He passed so many Hotels before he saw one with a vacancy sign on the window, he thought it weird because every other Hotel was full except this one, then he said to himself, no wonder outside the building looked awful, certainly not five star.

John was too tired to be bothered, his mood was low and all he wanted was a hot shower and a bite to eat, suppose it was a hell hole he was going in.


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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Steve walked in, as usual one minute before the deadline for being ready to face the customers.The rest of the team wondered why he could never be early for a change, you could check your watch by him, one minute to nine, and he always had a knack of being ready just before the Boss would shake his head in despair, knowing full well he wasn't in the mood for confrontation first thing in the Morning.
Steve was in his late forties, he always said he was just passing through and that this job wasn't for him, that was five years ago and he was still there his team mates often joked with him that he would be there until he retired but Steve always shrugged his shoulders saying "nope" I won't be.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Audrey was an ordinary girl she came from a working class background and was adored by her parents who had tried for years to have a baby without much success, in those days there were no tests no quick fixes as is Today.
Audrey's parents were humble and enjoyed married life very much, her Father was a Carpenter and mum was stay at home, her dad did not make a lot of money but he was really gifted and made things with his own hands.

All in all the family were happy, Audrey was a clever child she managed to walk at an early age and for her years she was advanced, one thing that was slow was her speech, she was not able to talk as well as the other children, when she started Nursery the teachers became concerned and called in her parents.
Audrey's mum knew something was not right as she was very behind in her ability to talk but she just put it down to the fact she was quicker at adapting to other things and never thought any more of it.
Audrey smiled and when she did she lit up a room, she never cried, when she did it was only through hunger, she was contented with herself.
After a few tests with a speech therapist it was discovered Audrey was profoundly deaf, she could not hear anything at all, the therapist tested her on various levels of speech but Audrey did not respond to any of them.
Pretty soon Audrey was given hearing aids to aid her hearing.
After two months she began to respond and her speech developed a hundred fold, her parents were still in shock because they never knew their child was deaf.
Pretty soon it became clear that Audrey would never be able to hear one hundred percent.
Her parents soon adapted to sign language having personal lessons from a sign expert.
Audrey excelled at school and even though she was disabled her aptitude amazed her parents, Audrey went on to complete her doctorate and soon became a fine doctor.

The moral of the story.

Disablement does not impair success.:)

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