Saturday, 26 June 2010


Jessica knew that before long the farm would have to go, prices were soaring, machinery was breaking, crops were failing.
Ever since John died five years ago she was struggling to make ends meet, her son Josh helped but he was academic and had no real passion for farming.
Pear tree farm was handed down from four generations of farmers, it was always a success as all the guys who owned the farm way back were hard workers and made the farm what it was, in its height it had fifty acres of crops as well as grazing land, also included on the farm was a waterway and small pen used for runt animals, Jessicas Grandfather was a big softy and could not slaughter the animals who were born with defects so he let them live happily on the farm.

Jessica tried her hardest but knew it was finally time to sell, the land was sought from a supermarket chain who had already ruined the small businesses were Jessica sold her products to.
She was offered a good price for the land and knew she would have been a fool to refuse the offer.

The day came the contracts were signed and Jessica took her final drive along the cobbled road viewing for the last time everything she once owned. The supermarket chain promised to find homes for all the stray animals as well as building along side the small lake rather than on it.

Jessica and Josh held hands as they walked into the car park and drove of to a new life the only memories they had was a hand drawn sketch of the farm house Josh drew when he was a little boy, memories Jessica would cherish forever .

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