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Mary, Queen of Scots, in an 1885 engraving
Mary Queen of Scots

The most talked about Queen in British History was Scottish Queen Mary, Born in 1542 and died in 1567.
Mary was brought up in France  but by birthright was the rightful Queen to the Scottish throne although England at this time did not recognize Scottish rule she could very well have been the Queen of England as well, she was thought to be quite human for Royalty at that time, she had a passion for people.
Mary was crowned after her Father James IV had passed away just as Mary was still in her infancy.
Henry the VIII of England and Henry the second of France acknowledged the rights of the Scottish throne and tried to get Mary to marry one of their sons when she was of age at that time it was believed to be 13 upwards a girl was able to marry.

Mary sailed to France from her retreat at Dunbarton Castle, England had invaded Scotland just for a change, the King of France at the time offered Mary a safe haven and also offered troops to oppose the English. the condition was that Mary married his son Francois in France.
Francois and Mary were married  in 1558 at NotreDame Cathedral Mary was 15 her husband was 14. Part of the contract was that Mary would sign the crown over to her husband if she dies without a successor.
Mary indeed became the Queen of France, her husband passed away at an early age leaving her a widow at 18! and because of no successors she was stripped of her crown and without choice had to return to Scotland.
Mary arrived back to a very different Scotland she had left at the age of 5, the country was in the middle of reforamtion, Mary was Prodistant and caused a bit of a stir amongst both religions on her return.
At this time Elizabeth the first was Queen of England, she tried in vain to have Mary married off to various suitors however Mary had other plans to perhaps marry a European to again establish rights to the throne.
In 1566 Mary gave Birth to James IV after marrying Lord Darnley.
After the murder of her personal friend rizzio in front of her, Mary knew her time was short, her husband had murdered her friend and had many women even during their short marraige.
A plot was taken against Darnley a bomb was set in his residence and although he escaped the explosion he was found strangled in the grounds.
After an uprising in Scotland, Mary managed to get away and was sheltered in Dunbar castle with her then lover the Earl of Bothwell.
The excecution of Mary Queen of Scots
At 24 Mary was taken prisoner and held in Lochleven castle she was given the choice to either abdicate or face death so her son James IV could reign in her place  but she manged to escape and raised an army but she was defeated by the Earl of Moray.
Against all advice she decided to seek refuge in England with her cousin Elizabeth the first, even knowing how her cousin Elizabeth feared her for her rights to the English throne, Mary was imprisoned in various Castles for over 19 years. she never saw Scotland on her son again.
A plot was made up which meant that Mary had intentions of Plotting for the death of Elizabeth , this was manufactured by Elizabeths advisors.
Mary was beheaded in 1587 at Fotheringay Castle.


1. Despite many movies depicting otherwise Mary and Elizabeth NEVER met in person
2. If either Mary or Elizabeth had been a man there would have been no issue regarding the crown as they    could have married and settled all differences.
3. In 1603 when Elizabeth died "the virgin queen" Marys son James IV took over the English throne, and United the Scottish and English under one rule.
4. Elizabeth was buried in Westminster Abbey, Mary in Peterborough grounds, After his succession James had his Mother exhumed and placed in Westminster Abbey not far away from Elizabeth but in much better surroundings!

Queen Elizabeth  1rst of England


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    I know in old times,
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    due to lack of medical advancement, people die easily,
    Mary dies so young,
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  3. What a wonderful story you have shared with us Billy. I love reading and learning things about history that we never hear before or did and just forgot. I knew boys and girls married at an early age back then. They were babies marrying babies then, and today they are babies having babies.

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  5. Sad story but Great writing! Love your blog, writings and stories! Following you on twitter also, so I don't miss any! :-) ~ Coreen

  6. I think she was a fascinating person and I read her biography and saw the movie, only she was executed in 1587 when she was only 44 years old. Very interesting person she was indeed.

  7. She was very young when she was beheaded. I didn't know all these things about her.

  8. Happy Story Telling!
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