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Today friends we venture into the dark World of Ghosts, some believe, some do not, but sometimes there are no explanations into the phenomenon.
Edinburgh like all major Historic Cities had its moments, imagine the buildings hundreds of Years old, all have a story to tell, this particular story centres around the High Street area of the Town.
City Cross was famous for all sorts of important and Royal proclamations, including the Coronation of our present Queen Elizabeth in 1954.
Almost 400 years earlier another famous announcement was made this time it was an event predicted before it actually happened.
On an August evening in 1513 a Merchant named Richard Lawson was taking in the air on the first floor Gallery of the House when he saw a ghostly Herald appear at the cross. This Herald proceeded to announce the name of men who were soon to meet violent deaths!
The list began with James the IV followed by the crème of Scottish Society and also Richards name was proclaimed.

After hearing his own name mentioned he fell to his knees in a transfixed state.
Even after hearing his prediction Richard still marched South following his King.In 1512 King Henry VIII attacked France,the French had persuaded the Scots to invade England from the North were James the IV had assembled one of the biggest Scottish Armies ever in the history of Scotland.
He had at least 35,000 men to invade England,
The English army was lead by the Earl of Surrey,they clashed in September 1513 at Flodden field. The Scots were massacred,The King was hacked to pieces,along with 15 lowland Earls,70 Barons and hundreds of Knights.

Ten Thousand perished some families almost ceased to exist, Edinburgh's Lord Provost Sir Alexander Lauder was also slain beside many of the Cities brave Citizens.
Of the list read by the Herald only Richard Lawson survived!, he told his story to Lindsay of Pitscottie a Scottish Historian,not averse to the odd ghost story,The account of Lindsay's findings has been told for over 400 years, The Ghostly Herald was never seen again !


  1. Sometimes, people say things to me that seem like they have said before. I don't mean an ordinarily repeat themselves kind of thing. I mean, conversations I knew were impossible to have taken place in this life. At times when I go somewhere I get the feeling I have been there and done that before although I know without any doubt that I have not been there in this life time. The same thing happens when I see certain kinds of old houses. I also have dreams that come true. A few of them didn't come true until years later, but they did come true. Does these things happen to me all the time, the answer is "NO" sometimes I go months and even a couple of years without these dreams or feelings, but they have been happening to me off and on since I was three years old. I am pushing 64 years old in a few weeks. I very much believe there is life after this one. In Jeremiah 1:5 God said, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee.” If God knew Jeremiah before he was born, then He knew us before we were born. He knitted each of us in our mother’s womb. He gives us all gifts to use for His glory, and He gives people the gift to predicted things before they actually happen. Why does God do this? “TO WARN US” so we can get ourselves prepared, but the problem is we don’t listen to these warnings, until it is too late. Don’t act so shock, God has used people to predicate the future since the beginning of time. They didn’t pay any attention to these warning no more than we do today. Yes, I do believe our spirit is allowed to roam until the end of time, and I do believe spirits can warn us of things to come. I could go on and on to prove my point, but I am going to leave this comment as is, and let you decide on what you believe. I do believe we all have a right to believe the way we want to. Billy, I find your stories very interested. And I give you an A+. LOL

  2. @Viola
    wow thanks for that Viola, u know as much as the historians lol, enjoyed that xx

  3. I loved your story. I believe that anything is possible even if it is not plausable.

    I can't wait to find our more about my Scottish ancestors Irish ancestors Doyal, and the English Spink.

    It gives me great satisfaction to discover and uncover new things about all of them.


  4. humans are all alike,
    we have our own ghost stories as well,
    I listened to all kinds of fair tales and ghost stories,
    life experiences in a remote village is full of stories as well,
    thank you for the creative writing and the infinite energy to share part of yourself with others.
    Take good care.

  5. that was some story! You are a wonderful story teller. will be coming to read more of them :)

  6. This story took my breath away. You are a wonderful writer. I look forward to reading more!

  7. thanks dear hic and welcome :)

  8. awe thanks friend :)


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