Saturday, 20 March 2010


Edinburgh has a huge coastline stretching from the Forth road and rail Bridges to the outskirts of Edinburgh, a particular place I was familiar with as a lad was called "cramond" initially a small village was built there, rather like a fishing community housing some old houses and a small port people use these days for sailing.
We visited cramond a lot when we were younger, it was an adventure playground if you like for young people exploring especially in the summer and as I have discussed before this was an entry to walk to "cramond Island"
As well as the river Almond, flowing there was also a small waterfall which fascinated us, the river was quite wide and no one dared brave going in, one thing the water was freezing and secondly it was quite powerful so you could be easily swept away if not careful.
Cramond © Ian Dick
Cramond Village

Cramond village was built in the 17th Century, still visible is an old Roman fort taking up parts of the village, also there is Cramond Kirk which was also built around the 17th Century.
Copyright Dave Lines
Cramond Boat Club

This is a beautiful part of the Town, historic and lovely in the summer, I had great memories of this place as a lad.


  1. How cool. I love places that bring back memories. It's beautiful there!

  2. it is very beautiful place,
    no wonder you miss it ...

    sweet home!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I I enjoy reading your stories and memories from childhood places. I have quite a few stored up myself from my "other lifetime" in Germany. I always consider myself as having lived two lives, my first in Germany and the second one in America...I'm glad I had the chance to experience some of both!
    I love those photos and it does make me homesick for Europe!


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