Friday, 26 February 2010


The one we visited a lot during summer holidays was an Island aptly named Cramond Island, this was an ideal place to play, the trick was to walk over once the tide went out but you had to make sure you got back before the tide came on or else you were stranded, being kids we never knew the tide times but thankfully we always got back in time.

The walk was really good, however there was huge areas were the sand would just sink and I mean deeply sink, not quicksand but similar so we avoided that area, but it wasnt always easy.
So what has all this got to do with History I hear you ask,? well we are getting to that.Cramond Island was famous more during World war 2 than any other period in its history.
Before that there was evidence of life on the Island around 8500 BC it was believed the first early Scottish settlers settled on the Island, it is not the biggest of Islands it covers a couple of acres.
On the Island are remains of an ancient Roman Fort  dug deep, this was a fortress for the Romans which would protect all areas in the firth of Forth from invading armies, yes the Romans knew what they were doing lol.
But more recently the Island was used for  fortification against German invasion, Guns were placed in shelters which still stand today, and were used when German planes flew over the Firth of Forth, mainly their target was Lieth Docks were the Military ships were based.

There was a farmhouse on the Island right up until the early 1960s the Island even had sheep on it, but when I visited in the Seventies all that remained were the shelters, bunkers, and store rooms used in WW2.
This picture is the Large walkway allowing access to the Island by foot, we never came this way we walked over through the sand, more fun lol' it does look as if it goes on forever but ten minutes would secure the walk, when the tide is out and when its in the complete area is underwater.
The following picture is a better view from the Island, and indicates how large it is, but to young boys in an adventure it was HUGE...
I recommend if you ever visit Scotland to spend half a day visiting these great Islands, there is a tour of the Islands so do not worry lol you won't have to do what I did in the early years and walk over :)


  1. This is cool Billy, it look like a place that I would love to see. Is that a bridge that you can walk across in the first picture? I love reading about your younger days. Like my mother use to say "Boy will be boys!" LOL

  2. this is very beautiful!
    I am thrilled that u have such cheery mood to share with us your favorite place.

  3. Thanks Vi xx yes when the tide is out this is the way you walk conventionally lol, but we always walked through the sand, thanks dear xx

  4. Thank you Ji, these were happy times, so much to do in Bonnie Scotland xxx

  5. Oh goodness, I remember bell bottom jeans and platform shoes lol

    I had fun traveling with you :)

  6. lol glad to have u come along, thanks Kath xxx

  7. Aha, I love your intro "you could actually sweep the streets as you walk."

    Haha nice piece (:

  8. Hi William...that is a great piece of history and family adventure...Do you know my grandfather was from Dundee..he came here at 14 by himself and started working ...One day I will get to visit there...Only I dont like to fly....Love the pics too..!

  9. From what I read and know about Scotland,
    I really would like to visit it ,
    with hubby and hopefully with our girls.

    Hubby has been to Europe , we have not.
    Rest assure that I would love to go to Scotland,
    the place is so fine with cultures and you just make
    it totally irresistible!


  10. "Wonderful story William! Thanks for sharing that History and the pictures were beautiful!!!! Enjoy the rest of your "Birthday"!!!!
    Love you

  11. thanks very much friends, glad you all enjoyed this :)

  12. I never heard of this before today. Thank you, really I love history! I could hear your laughter as a child in your poem, and the love in your words as you write about this wonderful place.
    “The wedged shoes which made you seven feet tall”
    LOL! I had a hard time walking in those; I gave up and was the barefoot hippy in those long bell bottoms. Thank you for the memories!
    Gerardine xx

  13. Thank you Ji, these were happy times, so much to do in Bonnie Scotland xxx


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