Saturday, 30 January 2010


Adrian breathed a sigh of relief, the tests were hard,the waiting excruciating but in the end it was all worthwhile, yes he thought hard and took his time but he had to do something, it was her last resort.
The tests would identify if he was going to be a suitable match, bloods matched even though they both had a rare blood thank the Lord he thought to himself they matched.
Isobella had been awaiting a kidney transplant for 11 years, Adrian was too young to go through the operation at the time, he felt bad having to watch his sister fight day in and day out to keep alive, watching her turn yellow because her Kidneys were failing, he was sad but at the same time he knew she was a battler and she would fight this until someone came along , a suitable donor.

Isobella was being kept alive by a Dialasis machine, it was her life support machine without it she would simply "die" what a thought Adrian shivered as if someone had walked over his grave.
Isobella had to travel daily to the Transplant unit in the Towns Hospital, she would stay there for six hours until she was "topped up" this gave Adrian the giggles as if he was talking about filling a car with petrol.
The family couldn't afford to hire a dialasis machine  they didnt have much money so Isobella had to travel, she didnt mind but she looked awful each time she returned.
The day had finally come, Adrian held his sisters hand as both of them were wheeled into the Theatre, the doctor was a youngish man with greying hair probably the result of his years of studying, however his smile was of assurance as he waved to the anaesthetist to administer the local anaesthetic.

The next thing Adrian saw was a shadow overlooking him, grabbing his arm to take his blood pressure, he fell back asleep, felt no pain but some discomfort it was to be expected he thought sleepily having a part of your body removed.

Isabella woke up five hours after Adrian, she looked around and saw Adrian was still fast asleep, before she could say anything her dad, pushed his fingers to her lips and said "everything is alright darling" "Adrian is fine" "how do you feel"? Isobella was too weak to talk and drifted into another semi concious sleep.

Three months later Adrian and Isobella were sitting outside a cafe enjoying the sun, both reflecting on the operation and the outcome.Isabella was now back to normal, she had a great colour and looked healthy, Adrian was fine too, they bothed giggled as they sipped their coffee.

This story is fictional and the picture courtesy of google and does not represent the female in this story

It goes to show how we can help our fellow man, not just family as in this story.

Are you a donor? do you believe in helping someone after you pass away? or do you think u should be left alone?


  1. This is a heart warming and emotional story about an act of love that you don't always find now days. Every time I read a story like this one it gives me hope that one day true love will shine throughout this world.

  2. What a beautiful story.
    Kudos, William.

    My eldest daughter is a kidney patient.
    I am an organ and blood donor.

    stay blessed.

  3. EXCELLENT thats really kind, thanks again Shakira xx

  4. What a wonderful story. My niece was married to a young man who had kidney problems and had many operations (new kidneys twice and dialysis) When they married, they thought they would only have 5 years, if lucky. They had 21 years! I believe in giving of what I can if I have anything that I can. Our son's eyes gave two people the ability to see and his bones were good, also. As well as skin for burn victims. This was a tremendous story, Billy and I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Blessings, Helen H. xx

  5. Amazing story and I'm so glad you got the widget to work! I carry a donor card, I really think that everyone should find it in their hearts to carry one. I'm so glad it had a happy ending :)

  6. I was scared it might not have a happy ending but glad it ended good for the characters.

    Thanks for sharing this William :)


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