Monday, 18 January 2010


Victoria arrived for work at her normal 6am, the usual had to be tackled, the papers needed sorted and the rolls put into bags for the early customers,Victoria was in "I cannot be bothered mode"  The weekend was as fruitful as always, a night out with the girls, a fish supper and home, this time she never "pulled" normally she did on a Saturday but the talent wasn't anything special. The guy she pulled last Saturday was three sheets to the wind and she always hated her blokes drunk. She quickly got rid of him the following morning after she had her fun.

Sunday was the usual slinking around in her nightie not doing a stroke, it was as she calssed it, "her day of rest" she slept late, lounged about reading magazines and did her nails, that was her idea of heaven on  Sunday. Victoria had worked at Grants stationers for 10 years she started when she was sixteen, she never really cared for school and school never really cared for her, it was a mutual admiration, she couldn't get away quick enough when she was sixteen, her parents did'nt care as long as she was earning and contributing to the house keeping.

At eighteen she left home because she didn't get along with her dad, he was a mean old tosser she cringed at even his name she didn't think he deserved the title of dad as he was in her eyes a pig. She moved in with her friend Zoe whom she met at school they both seemed to get along well at first anyway until Victoria started "borrowing things" then the bitcheness started eventually they both just put up with each other but never communicated, luckily they both worked different shifts so it helped.

Grant Hemmings was the owner of the shop, his dad had it before him, he wouldn't be able to hand it down because his wife was unable to have kids, he never really seemed to care about kids but deep down Victoria knew he yearned for a child as did his wife. In his late thirties Grant was a passive man, he put up with a lot especially from Victoria when she often turned up late and had a real bad attitude towards him and the customers, the only real reason he kept her on was she was a good worker and despite her tongue she did a lot of work saving him coming in at ungodly hours because one thing Grant was hopeless with was getting up early.

The papers were sorted, Victoria was always glad to see the back of this chore as she seldom got peace to do it as customers came in disturbing her, "what a cheek" she thought to herself and smiled.
Old Mr Cleathorpe was always the first in, she often thought he could smell the odour off the print on the newspaper as he always seemed to come just as Victoria was starting.
He was an elderly man always had pinned medals on his lapel, showing everyone everywhere he had been in the war, secretly Victoria knew he was NEVER in the war and pretended, it was his brothers medals seemingly, he passed away ten years ago and old Mr Cleathorpe decided to rememebr him by pinning HIS medals onto HIS coat, Victoria found this weird would,nt a cabinet so the same?

After Mr Cleathorpes went in would come Johnny, he was a youngish guy in his late twenties, he was always ogling Victoria, she kind of liked it as she flurted no end with him, Johnny liked it too as he always thought he was in with a shout but Victoria shivered at the thought, on his chin was a mole the size of a gob stopper she laughed to herself, besides he was married with three kids, Victoria wasn't getting involved in that she thought.
The characters came fast and thick into Grants stationary shop, people who all had their own little foibles, and always ready to make Victoria aware of them.

She often wondered if she was a shop assistant or an agony aunt, the latter would have generated more pay she thought to herself, although Grant was well generous she knew it wasn't going to let her retire in her fifties or sixties for that matter. Even the postman came in to the shop pouring his heart out about his wife, how she was addicted to bingo and went there 6 times a week, Victoria looked as interested as someone watching paint dry.

Same ole same ole Victoria thought as she played around with the sherbet dabs on the side of the counter.
It was time for her second favourite job "cleaning" Victorias idea of cleaning was battering a damp cloth on top of the sweet jars and running the same clothover the shelves, as long as she had the majority of the dust thats all she cared about, Grant always commented on the dust he had that disease the cleaning disease but never once in her carreer did he ever do any cleaning in the shop, mainly all he did was come in empty the till, say hi then run off again, that was all Grant did, Victoria thought to herself why have a dog and bark yourself?

The end of the shift neared, three paracetamols and twenty coffees later it was nearly time to go, Victoria wished she was in a more glamerous job but needs must she thought to herself as she shut the door and entered the alarm code.



  1. This is an awesome story Billy. So very well written and as I read each line they left me with wanting more. Great job my friend.

  2. Well written! You're quite right- I do know a few like that. Thanks for stopping by my blog(s); always a pleasure to have a new reader and new insight, especially from other writers!

    All the best,



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