Thursday, 9 March 2017






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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Donna had a rough time during doctors had her attend the surgery almost weekly to make sure everything was ticking along
Having had an older son, she thought this pregnancy would be just as easy, but they say two pregnancies are never the same.

Donna was lacking iron in her blood, no matter how much pills she took it appeared they were not doing any good, this puzzled the doctors and the Hospital she attended.
Sadly weeks before she was due to give birth Donna had a "still born" baby.
Both Donna and her husband mourned their loss for over a Year and instead of going through all the horror of pregnancy in fear of losing their child, they decided they would adopt.

The strict regime of adopting played its toll on the couple, the paperwork, the visits, the searching of their personal life which came under scrutiny never hindered what they knew there was nothing anyone could find that would hinder their progress.
Three years later an opportunity arose for the couple, a baby boy three months old had come up for adoption, the Mother of the child had died with an overdose of illegal substance, the Father was unknown.

The couple were besides themselves, all the wait, all the meetings finally bore fruit, they now had a baby boy which they would love as their own.
They called the baby Gary, had him officially adopted and in his early years Gary grew up to be a sweet, kind, happy boy loving life in the care of his new parents.

Gary started to have problems as early as Nursery age, he would attack other children for no reason, swear at his teachers and run away from his class, it was serious enough to have his parents called, eventually he was asked to leave nursery as his behavior never improved.

Donna recognized her son may have issues, in his teens he began to defy his parents, steal from them, and eventually attack them, he really only ever attacked his Mother as his Father was at work a lot, he did steal from his Father though amounting to thousands of pounds.

Both parents knew they needed help, Gary was taking drugs, drinking to excess, racking up debts, making his parents lives a misery.
It was one night in particular that things got so out of hand his Mother had to call the Police as Gary threatened her with a knife!

He was arrested and sent to prison for one Year, partly rehabilitated he knew he was in the wrong and tried to "mend his ways"
His parents saw a small difference in his attitude although he was still smoking weed which made him lose all sense of proportion at times.

He never realized just how lucky he was to have been loved and brought up with such loving parents, millions of children would have given their right arm to have had the upbringing and opportunities he had.
They say that a small part of you, remembers the kind of life you came from, and in Gary's case this must had been etched in his mind from the day he was born.

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Monday, 21 November 2011


The only sound that could be heard for miles was the crunching of leaves under the feet of John and Denise, they had broken down in the middle of nowhere, unable to get a signal on their phones, so they were searching nearby  for any  break down Services.
John was still seething, he had let his Break down cover lapse, not because of lack of funds but because he was too lazy to do things and left everything to Denise.

It was pitch black, drizzly, and very cold, Denise was making no bones about the fact it was all John's fault, he got the blame for nearly everything that happened in their lives, even though usually it was beyond his control.
He just shrugged his shoulders and motioned her to move quicker than she was going at the moment.
The stars were out in full, lending itself to the coldness of the night but allowing them at least some light to trample through the murky woods at 11 30 in the evening.

The evening started off had attended a dinner in memory of a friend of Johns who sadly passed away at the tender age of 40 to a brain tumor, John was devastated as Keith was the only friend he could call true, they went fishing together, nights out, Keith was John's best man at his wedding, so all John needed tonight was a breakdown and in the middle of nowhere.
It seemed like an eternity, they both walked for hours, there was nothing in sight, not even a shack were they could rest until morning.

Agitated ,Denise was not exactly dressed for rambling, her feet were killing her, she had the high heeled shoes on which meant she could not walk very fast and nine times out of ten she got caught in some bracken, eventually she took her shoes off which went down a treat with John, she now faced pneumonia as well as damaged feet.
The night grew longer, colder and it appeared they were getting nowhere, there were no lights in the distance, John stopped for a moment to get his bearings and try his mobile phone again, but he had no luck.

It was hopeless, they both stopped,  gathered some wood nearby, made a fire to keep warm, and decided to stay put till morning.

The couple started to asses their relationship, it was happy for many years but was now getting a little stale, John seemed disinterested in Denise, , he never had any affairs, he remained loyal to her but lately he was not happy, Denise had sensed this but just wanted to keep going.
The fire roared, warmth finally hit their battered bodies, they sat separately from each other, not a word was uttered.
As they started to get dry Denise rubbed her feet, she had blisters everywhere but because of Johns low mood she decided to grin and bear it.

The fire lit up the whole area, it did not seem  too bad, the silence was beginning to get to John as he finally piped up and said "how are you" in a mild gentle voice, Denise surprised at his tone, decided not to have a go at him.
Hungry, thirsty, and forlorn they both sat at the fire recollecting the good times of their marriage no one daring to mention the sad recent times when things started to go downhill.
As every couple has the initiative to understand each other at some point, John made the first move turning to Denise to tell her that he was unhappy and had been for some time.

He poured out his heart and never left anything out, even minor things that agitated him came to the forefront, Denise was not surprised as deep down she knew how they both felt, but knew even more how John had changed recently, she knew Keith's death had something to do with it, but never really spoke to John and let him know how much she was there for him in his tough times.
After a long conversation with everything out in the open, Denise asked him what he wanted to do, she agreed within herself that whatever he decided she would go with it as she did not want to remain in a relationship that was empty, she had tears in her eyes as she predicted the worst.

Eventually John admitted that they were flogging a "dead horse" however he did not want to end their marriage, he wanted to try to rekindle it, he made many suggestions, one of them being visiting a Marriage guidance councilor perhaps to get things back On an even keel, Denise accepted this as a positive move, and agreed at once with John's suggestions.
They both eventually fell fast asleep in each others arms as the night drew to a close.

The birds soft melodic tones wakened John, he felt well this day, he kneeled down and kissed his Wife's brow, she was still fast asleep.

Now having the ability to see, he ventured to find a way out of the woods, to his shock he discovered, they had went in a complete circle and ended back at the car, he was now able to get reception for his phone and called the emergency services, they were back home safe and sound within a hour.

Feeling content, they both put into practice what they discussed, through time they both felt well about each other, and continued with married life, this time talking to each other to iron out any issues and get back on track.

The  moral of this story is, work at things and sometimes they do get better.


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Friday, 7 October 2011


Lying in a heap on the floor, slavers hanging from his mouth, he looked as though he had spent a night outside in the rough instead of attending a 50th birthday party the night before.
Rick was one of those guys who had to be the center of attraction, the laugh a minute, the joker, even though his friends loathed him deep down.
Every party he attended was supposed to be his last, he said many times he was giving up the drink but always fell by the way side, temptation was always too much for him, when confronted he always said he never had an issue with alcohol, he was only fooling himself.
Rick was brought up well, his parents only drank socially and knew when to stop, it was never their true lifestyle as they travelled all over the World, they knew spending money on booze was never the answer, so they always wondered what went wrong with Rick.
His Father always had issues with his alcohol consumption and in the end he grew tired of trying to talk to Rick.
His Mother was passive, she did not like to get into confrontations with her son, she always hoped he would grow out of this self destruction fad, and often turned a blind eye, despite knowing how much it was hurting his dad.
Rick started drinking at the early age of 14 he got a taste for it, no one was to blame, there was never peer pressure, Rick was his own person and did not need anyone to influence him.
Unable to keep a job, through his "habit" he coasted along in his own way.
His friends tried in vain to help him but Rick always laughed his way out of the serious subject, he would never admit he had a problem.
He was expelled from school at the age of 15 the teachers could not reach him, he always seemed hung over and uninterested in his education.
He slowly but surely lost everyone around him, his folks disowned him they were embarrassed by his antics he was asked to leave their home.
Now at the age of 30 Rick was going nowhere, living on handouts from his friends lazing on a couch , living out of a rucksack he had nowhere to call home.
He tried counseling but never admitted to himself he had a problem, eventually he stopped going and seemed to get worse as the weeks progressed, so what was the answer for Rick?
One of his female friends tried in vain many times to get him to see just how he was ruining his life, she talked to him seriously, stayed with him, tried to talk sensibly to him but all in vain, she even tried to bring to his attention medically just how he was killing himself but he was never really concerned about his health.
Then one day Rick was involved in an accident, in a drunken stupor he walked onto the road and was hit by an oncoming car, he ended in Hospital on a life support machine.
His girlfriend sat by his side, the doctors said he was critical, he may go into a coma and not awaken, she sat by his bedside for four weeks, talking to him, reading to him, playing music, in the hope he was going to respond, but still he lay in a coma.
The doctors also indicated his liver was almost "fried" with his addiction to alcohol.
Despite Rick being hospitalized his parents never visited, the only visitor he had was his girlfriend who stuck by him from the very start.
Rick had been in a coma for four weeks, the Doctors indicated he may not come out of it, unusually his girlfriend never gave up, she started to notice movement in his body, although his eyes never opened, the Doctors said it could have been nerve movement.
On the day the life support machine was to be turned off, Rick opened his eyes, his girlfriend was by his side but was fast asleep, Rick glanced at her and started to cry, he knew he was lucky to be alive, he knew he had a close call, he knew he had to change.
Being in a coma all that time was like going "cold turkey" for Rick, he never even gave the demon drink a thought, he started to recuperate not only from his accident but from the alcohol.
Rick had another chance, and he took it with both hands, through proper counseling he made a recovery, he would never have made it if it was not for his girlfriend who had stood by him throughout his illness and addiction.
Rick stayed "clean" for the rest of his life, he mended his ways with his parents, re educated himself, found a job, ironically as an alcohol councilor and married his girlfriend.
Reflecting on his life, Rick knew he was one of the "lucky ones" knowing full well millions of people going through the same as he did, were not that lucky.

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Monday, 31 January 2011


With only two hours to go John made it is purpose to finish this book, a book which had captivated him, to the point he could not sleep, he was so gripped, hoping that the end would be the way he wanted it to be.
Grabbing another coffee, he sat back on the large lumpy bed and began to read.
Richard was now at the lowest point in his life, riddled with disease, bitter towards how his life had ended up, twisted with guilt and hatred for the very parents who brought him into this World, he blamed them for everything, he almost wanted them to deny him of everything he gained in an idle attempt to get back some self respect for the sad life he now lead, addicted to drugs he sold everything, all that remained of his parents estate was a large empty house, paintings sold for next to nothing for a quick "fix", furniture dating back to the early 1600's sold at backstreet stores for a quick buck to buy drugs.

Sunday, 26 September 2010


John heard the distant twitter of the early birds making noise signifying another day was born, John knew now he wouldn't sleep, the book had him transfixed, it was the best he had ever read, it gripped him to the point no other book had, its magical vice did as intended, had him "over a barrel" so much so he wanted to continue reading, giving little care to the fact he was working again today.
John felt rough, he opened the last can on red bull which sat in the fridge lonely as if perhaps it was poison and no one wanted it.
The subtle ingredients of this boost he hoped would allow him to finish the last chapter of the book before once again heading into the shower to prepare for another day at work.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


By now Richard was in his early thirties, so haggard was his look, it was as if he was pushing fifty, his face had more lines on it than a railyway track and the bags under his eyes were huge, he knew he was not looking good, his fair looks when he was younger had faded away, he smashed the mirror to pieces so not to remind him of what he had become.
Money was becoming more difficult to get a hold of, all his inheritance was now wasted on booze,drugs and girls.
After his botched operations serving as a quack he could never go onto the medical profession again, all he could do was practice back door abortions on poor unfortunate girls who had no choice but to abort, either through poverty or family shame, Richard was never sober performing the operations, many of the girls had died through loss of blood, then were buried in the grounds so no one would pin their deaths on him.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


It was now 5am, the birds were tweeting outside Johns window, this rattled him as he was so tired all he could think about was sleep, but he couldn't ,not now, he had drank too much coffee and his nerves were at boiling point, plus he had to find out for sure if Richard was going to get his "just deserts" he longed for that now, it became a kind of a passion ,he wanted Richard to get his, at all costs, deep down in his mind John was shaking his head in shame, after all it was only a book of fiction? John had to pee, for the last four hours he had tried his level best not to think about it, he was too engrossed, he wanted to keep reading and reading.
He washed his face and looked in the mirror, for his years John was looking old, probably the fact of his highly pressurized job, but he admitted to himself he was looking old.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


It was now 4am, John was so tired he fell asleep numerous times during the chapters, he swore he re read about three chapters twice but he was not giving in, the room was blurred, all he could see was writing, on the walls on the bed, everywhere was lines and lines of writing, the more tired he got, the smaller the print got.
Richard was by now a mega millionaire, his investments grew higher than a mountain, everything he put his hand to created even more money, he soon became very bored.
Richards habit was women and substances, from an early age he dabbled with his friends in University, the habit became an addiction, Richard knew he could always feed his addiction providing his money and contacts never gave out.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Richard knew he was always living on the edge, three operations failed , three people he could have saved but never,wasted their lives on a quack, did Richard care? no, he only thought about his reputation and off course money.
Richard's parents died, they were killed by a botched robbery on the highway, Richard didn't even attend the funeral, all he was interested in was what he had coming to him in a legacy, he got everything the businesses and the house to which he had grown up.

He retired from his practice as he never needed to pretend now he was rich, affluent and still hated by many he had trampled on in his determination to have everything.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Despite their son being spoiled they still ploughed thousands of dollars on him, getting him a decent education was the forefront of their priorities.
Richard sat back and reaped the benefits, it was told he even cheated on his exams to get top marks to keep his parents sweet, Richard knew how to get out of many a situation and was called to a few in his youth.
Having left University his chosen practice was a physician, he had bluffed his way through many hairy situations and always came up tops.
He operated on a young lady who had kidney problems and if it were not for the assisting surgeon the girl would have died, Richard had to buy his silence on more than one occasion.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Unable to decipher what the title was he was still anxious to read its contents, he never even knew who wrote it, the name was scribbled out with thick black pen.
He thought to himself novels usually start with an introduction but in the case of this book it went right into the story.
John thought it was a tad boring at first, it was telling a story of a guy who had lived in America in the 1800's he belonged to an affluent family, John surmised he was about to read a love story and if there was one format of book he loathed it was love stories, his wife read a lot of them to the point she actually believed some of the stories to be fact rather than fiction.
As he read on John discovered at the early stages that the book was not going in the normal I love you she loves me fashion, he began to take interest in the book as it descriptively went on to  tell how the man had grown up and what his discoveries in life led him to in later years.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


All John wanted to do was jump in the shower, he was angry, hungry and smelly from his days toil, first thing was to get relaxed he was stuck here for the night and just had to make the most of it.
John dried himself with the towels, typical hotel towels he grumbled, hard as sandpaper, probably that way to stop people stealing them he thought sniggering to himself.

Room service was a no no, he was already told downstairs that the kitchen was shut, so he had to ring out for a pizza they were the only places open after ten pm these days.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Before walking up five flights of stairs somehow John knew this place would have no room Service so he asked if he could get something to eat, the guy at the desk said no but he could get something delivered, John nodded in appreciation, took a deep breath and headed for the stairwell.

By the time he had reached the filth floor he was so out of breath he had to sit down at the entrance hall on a chair, loosen his tie before going to the room.

The Hotel was dark everywhere, the lights were automatic they came on when someone or something entered the hallway, John was surprised at this as the place was primeval.The damp musty smell was making John gag he couldn't wait to get to his room, he covered his mouth with his handkerchief before trying to open the room door.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


The front door of the Hotel was so old John felt some of the wood come off in his hand as he reached for the door bell, the curtains on the ground floor were a greyish netting supposed to be white sometime in its hey day John thought.

He wondered was it a good idea to go in or go look for somewhere else, but his feet were killing him and the temptation of a hot shower overcome his need to move on.

John rang the bell twice before he saw a silhouette coming towards the door in an almost slow movement, he kinda got the giggles as he pictured himself going into Castle Dracula just like the old Hammer movies, he was convinced an actor playing an ogre would say in a low tone "you rang"

Saturday, 31 July 2010


John was raging, two minutes just two minutes and he would have caught the train home, it was bad enough finishing work late but missing the last train was scandalous, he had a few other choice words which he decided to keep to himself.,
John had worked for the Company for 20 years, he started as an apprentice accountant, the money was rubbish, but he knew later in life his hard work would pay off and he was right because now he was earning good money, had a good home and a loving wife and family everything a man could want.

He was fairly contented with his life but it lacked a certain excitement, he yearned for something to happen out with the norm, something to take him by surprise as so far his life had been mapped out for him, since he was born, his Father said he would be a success, put through University and doing well, living up to his family expectations.

John sat fuming on the railway bench, the trains were all back in the station for the night, the workers hurried at great speed to get home, leaving only the Night Security guards to look after the Station, John was the only passenger remaining and was quickly ushered out of the station so the Security guard could lock up and get his head down for the night, his work would be complete, no one ever tried to break into a railway station at least not in his 30 years service.

The remaining lights were switched off then the Security guard locked himself into his little cabin oblivious to anything happening out with his territory.

John called home, his wife was waiting, she knew he was working late but never imagined he would be stranded in Town, of all the years he worked he always made it home she giggled on the phone but John was not in a happy frame of mind and shot down her throat as if she personally made the train leave two minutes early.

Where would he walked down the pitch dark road leading into the Center of Town, the place was deserted like he had stepped back in time before buildings were erected and people live  there.
The farther he walked the more lost he was, he reached into his pocket to grab his mobile phone to get some bearings and to find a Hotel or Guest House to spend the night, he certainly was not going to sleep rough, never he thought to himself not now, not ever.

True to form the mobile was dead, he spent all his power speaking to his wife and never noticed the battery warning light coming on, it died, he could not even switch it on, typical he thought, "bloody technology, useless in an emergency situation" this made him even more grumpy as he hobbled down the darkened street in Town.

He passed so many Hotels before he saw one with a vacancy sign on the window, he thought it weird because every other Hotel was full except this one, then he said to himself, no wonder outside the building looked awful, certainly not five star.

John was too tired to be bothered, his mood was low and all he wanted was a hot shower and a bite to eat, suppose it was a hell hole he was going in.


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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Steve walked in, as usual one minute before the deadline for being ready to face the customers.The rest of the team wondered why he could never be early for a change, you could check your watch by him, one minute to nine, and he always had a knack of being ready just before the Boss would shake his head in despair, knowing full well he wasn't in the mood for confrontation first thing in the Morning.
Steve was in his late forties, he always said he was just passing through and that this job wasn't for him, that was five years ago and he was still there his team mates often joked with him that he would be there until he retired but Steve always shrugged his shoulders saying "nope" I won't be.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Audrey was an ordinary girl she came from a working class background and was adored by her parents who had tried for years to have a baby without much success, in those days there were no tests no quick fixes as is Today.
Audrey's parents were humble and enjoyed married life very much, her Father was a Carpenter and mum was stay at home, her dad did not make a lot of money but he was really gifted and made things with his own hands.

All in all the family were happy, Audrey was a clever child she managed to walk at an early age and for her years she was advanced, one thing that was slow was her speech, she was not able to talk as well as the other children, when she started Nursery the teachers became concerned and called in her parents.
Audrey's mum knew something was not right as she was very behind in her ability to talk but she just put it down to the fact she was quicker at adapting to other things and never thought any more of it.
Audrey smiled and when she did she lit up a room, she never cried, when she did it was only through hunger, she was contented with herself.
After a few tests with a speech therapist it was discovered Audrey was profoundly deaf, she could not hear anything at all, the therapist tested her on various levels of speech but Audrey did not respond to any of them.
Pretty soon Audrey was given hearing aids to aid her hearing.
After two months she began to respond and her speech developed a hundred fold, her parents were still in shock because they never knew their child was deaf.
Pretty soon it became clear that Audrey would never be able to hear one hundred percent.
Her parents soon adapted to sign language having personal lessons from a sign expert.
Audrey excelled at school and even though she was disabled her aptitude amazed her parents, Audrey went on to complete her doctorate and soon became a fine doctor.

The moral of the story.

Disablement does not impair success.:)

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Saturday, 26 June 2010


Jessica knew that before long the farm would have to go, prices were soaring, machinery was breaking, crops were failing.
Ever since John died five years ago she was struggling to make ends meet, her son Josh helped but he was academic and had no real passion for farming.
Pear tree farm was handed down from four generations of farmers, it was always a success as all the guys who owned the farm way back were hard workers and made the farm what it was, in its height it had fifty acres of crops as well as grazing land, also included on the farm was a waterway and small pen used for runt animals, Jessicas Grandfather was a big softy and could not slaughter the animals who were born with defects so he let them live happily on the farm.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


What do you do when you are in the middle of a "family war"? a group of supposed adults who should in adulthood be able to be "approachable" make sense, however sometimes it is worse dealing with family wars than with  a friend or a stranger.
With a stranger once you have an argument its done and dusted, you never see them again, life goes on, with a friend it hurts, but you learn to live with it and may never be friends again, but with family you cannot cut them out of your life, they are your siblings, your flesh and blood, so what do you do?
Many trials and tribulations of everyday life contribute to family arguments, some are trivial, some are serious but at the end of the day you should be able to mend fences and try as much as possible to get along, usually the Mother is the centrepiece or the Father so siblings try to get along for their sake.
What if you do not have a Mum or Dad, if it is just siblings? It is easy to estrange yourself from family, you may live in another part of the Country so it is easy to move on, you may be inclined just to say to hell with it and live your own life, each person is unique in how you would or could handle the family feud.
I am going to use the following as an example, names have been changed.

Isobel and Germaine are sisters, they have a lot in common, they generally get along, they have the odd fall out as sisters do, generally they make up and all goes well, however this time they have had a major fall out, each going out of their way to hurt the other.
The Mother in this case is dominant, she wants to spend all day every day with her eldest daughter, however the feeling is not mutual, the eldest daughter wants her own space, she has a partner, children, and as much as she loves her Mother she needs her space.

Question... do you think the Mother is in the right? or do you think the eldest daughter is in the right?

Arguments between the two break out into the other members of the family, the Mother is adamant she is right, the eldest daughter is also adamant she is right, so it involves other members in the family whether they want to be involved or not.

The father is estranged, he lives close but allows his daughters to live their own life, make their own mistakes and just keeps his head down, he is there when needed, he will listen, however he does not want to be involved in a dispute which seems childish in as much as two adults cannot discuss the scenario without losing it.

If YOU were the Father what would YOU do??

Please answer in your comments, there is no right or wrong in this exercise, it will be interesting to read your thoughts.

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